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文章简介:番号小编认为就是一个编号而已,而对于许多网友来说就有更深一步的含义。【Alexia Sky】,作为一位欧美女明星,网友们都非常喜欢她,她参演过许多电影电视作品,小编为从百科中整理收集了她的一些基本信息,包括年龄、身高、体重、婚烟等等,Born: March 3, 1988 Height: 5 ft 1 in (156 cm) Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg。

  March 3, 1988
  5 ft 1 in (156 cm)
  99 lbs (45 kg)
  Measurements: 本文来自军事新闻网
  Years Active:
  2007 to Present (Started around 19 years old)
  Alexia Skye, Alexa Sky
  Upper lip left
  Red Lips Right Buttock
  Alexia Sky (AKA Alexia Skye, Alexa Sky) is a hot little petite blonde originally from Fort Myers, FL. She began her career as an exotic dancer, where she met an ex porn star named Persia who introduced her into the hardcore world. She hopped a plane and headed straight for L.A. She began her career in 2007 at the innocent age of 19. When entering the industry she was dead set on having a middle name. She wanted to be called "Alexia Malibu Sky", but they just wouldn't let her have her way. She settled with Alexia Sky instead. Within her time in the business she has had around 50 titles, and continues to take the hardcore scene by storm. She has worked directly with other porn hotties like: Persia Decarlo in Tag Team Tryouts and Teen Anal Pounding 4 and Gina Lynn in Strap-On Sally 24. She was noted in an interview when she first began her career saying that she didn't like anal, but she must have changed her tone because this chick sure does take a fat dick! The majority of her films are in the teen and lesbian genres. Alexia projects an image of innocence, but she is far from it! She is truly one nasty little whore who loves sucking and fucking. Alexia is a pint sized blonde who stands at 5'1", weighs 99lbs, and has an itty bitty 33A-24-34 frame. She might not have the biggest tits in the business, but they work well with just how tiny she is. Alexia can often be seen being tossed around like a rag doll taking a cock in any angle she is thrown into. She has a tattoo of lips on her ass, and a Monroe piercing. Alexia Sky is a hot little blonde with an innocent image, and a craving for hard cock. If you're looking for your teenage dream girl, Alexia is it!
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