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文章简介:番号小编认为就是一个编号而已,而对于许多网友来说就有更深一步的含义。【Patrice Hollis】,作为一位欧美女明星,网友们都非常喜欢她,她参演过许多电影电视作品,小编为从百科中整理收集了她的一些基本信息,包括年龄、身高、体重、婚烟等等,Meet Patrice Hollis, our Miss September 2007. She’s an beauty in Sin。

  Meet Patrice Hollis, our Miss September 2007. She’s an beauty in Sin City – that’s Las Vegas, Nevada – with long, dark locks, dark skin and a God-given DDD bust. In Vegas, fortunes are made and lost in an evening, but Patrice is more discerning in her character. She spent her early twenties working with at-risk kids for a local non-profit organization, and she did a little modeling on the side. “I had just started at a new modeling agency,” she says, “and a photographer asked me if I would be interested in Playboy. He submitted my photos, and a few weeks later, I was called in for a test shoot.” Creative direction on her gallery was handled by none other than Holly Madison, and in a convertible, a football field, or a romantic hotel room, it was easy to see that Miss Hollis was a natural Playmate. Patrice was was a promotional model for Apple Bottoms, and has appeared in music tubes for Nelly, Ginuwine, 50 Cent, Brian McKnight and Mary J. Blige. She was featured on The Girls Next Door, Kendra and was a contestant on Jerry Springer’s Baggage, and her new movie, Dirty Dealing, is a heist set in Vegas. She’s an entrepreneur, with a clothing line and storefront, and her number-one goal is to found her own non-profit organization for kids. “I’m not waiting for some NBA player to sweep me off my feet,” she says. “I’m an educated lady, and I want to earn my living. Playboy was a massive step for me, and I count my blessings every day.” Count Patrice among our blessings.
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