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文章简介:番号小编认为就是一个编号而已,而对于许多网友来说就有更深一步的含义。【Samantha Leon】,作为一位欧美女明星,网友们都非常喜欢她,她参演过许多电影电视作品,小编为从百科中整理收集了她的一些基本信息,包括年龄、身高、体重、婚烟等等,We’re seeing stars with Samantha Leon, a model and cosmetologist fro。

  We’re seeing stars with Samantha Leon, a model and cosmetologist from Lubbock, Texas. She’s Mexican-American, and all natural, with dark brown locks, sparkling brown eyes and an open attitude. “I can be reckless,” she says, by technique of introduction. “I like to push the limits. It’s caused me some trouble, but it’s the part of me that’s most determined.” Speaking of determination, Samantha had modeled on and off in her late teens, but it wasn’t until recently that she decided she wanted to build a career. “I met a Playboy photographer, Jose Luis,” she says. “He asked if I would be interested in a Playboy casting, and fireworks went off in my heart. Of class I said yes.” With a face and frame like Sam’s, it’s not hard to see her potential – and now that she’s a Playboy model, the whole world can see it, too. “Oh boy, I could live in the nude,” she says, blushing. “I mean, I don’t think I’m the best by any means, but I love my physique. So when people ask, ‘Why Playboy’ I say, ‘Why not’ It’s an honor!” When she’s not in front of the camera, Samantha digs live music, movies and going out with her friends – and when it comes to guys, her tastes are just as eclectic. “I’m into a little bit of everything,” she says. “I want a guy who’s confident, and trusting enough to share his deepest thoughts with me. Details like locks and eye color don’t really matter to me – if I’m going to connect with a guy, we have to have a solid relationship.” That said, Miss Leon would appeal to just about any guy – her bra priorities are family, fun, volunteering and good food, and that’s a woman we can get behind. “My fridge is full of buffalo wings, pizza, yogurt, eggs and leftover beer,” she says, giggling. “And my Rocky Road ice cream.” Rocky or not, one thing is for sure – Samantha’s on the road to success, and we're glad to tag along for the car.
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